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Surat Diamond Association is a Non-Profit Organization formed and run jointly by the major jewel industry leaders of Surat from 1988. Since then, the community is working towards the welfare of the society and also helping the diamond industry to expand and grow to its best in the world.


To set up the world’s best Diamond industry and society in Surat.


To set a sustainable and developed future for our society, environment, and industry.
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Who We Are

We are a community of 5700+ members. An integrated community of DTC sight holders, traders, importers and exporters.

SDA represents all the major companies based in Surat.

Our major mission is to promote the growth of the diamond industry and towards its sustainable future.

Henceforth, SDA has undertaken initiatives, such as:

  • Reduction for Goods & Services Tax.
  • Conducting seminars and fairs for the awareness of new technology and economic trends.
  • Empower ID program to address labor-related issues to the SME sector.
  • SDA has built a hospital and research center.
  • SDA is regularly conducting education programs for the betterment of the local community.