SDA Objectives

SDA’s key objective is to examine the current global economic and political trends that influence the gem and jewelry industry in Surat and relay this information to industry players and SME’s in particular in the diamond community. In order to assist the industry players with issues concerning the diamond industry, SDA effectively utilizes numerous media tools, seminars and fairs and even individual consultation sessions with industry players if necessary. In addition, SDA actively represents diamond industry problems to the central government as well as to the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJECP) in order to resolve concerns and thereby improve the diamond pipeline in India.

In an effort to enhance the productivity and yield of the local industry, SDA not only organizes special training sessions for workers, but the organization also provides workers with study materials for reference. Besides promoting the diamond industry, SDA actively participates in social welfare activities such as promoting education, healthcare, security, and other necessary endeavors to improve the lives of the local people.